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A recent study conducted by Winston Salem State University tested the hand strength of 24-30 year olds (Millennials) and determined that they are considerably weaker than those tested in 1985. This they believe is due to the move away from agriculture and manufacturing. We no longer do as much physical or manual work with our hands. The purpose of the study was to evaluate what is considered normal after recovery from injury for insurance companies. Basically they are lowering the standards considered normal strength.
   I remember my father’s hand shake. His hands were as powerful as a vice. He managed one of the largest millwork lumber companies in the New York City area. His hands were like those of a stevedore. If you shook my father’s hand you would remember it. A man’s handshake was more than a handshake it said a lot about his life and character. My father was a hard worker and did not live a life of ease, but more than that, his handshake was his bond, his promise, and his word. If my father shook hands on it, you could take that promise to the bank. The Winston Salem study did not measure the veracity and value of a Millennial’s handshake, and I am not their judge. But I could count on my father’s and I hope my handshake is as good as his. I am glad that our Heavenly Father’s hand and handshake are as good today as they ever were. God never broke a promise, and he never will. "I give unto them etrnal life and they shall never perish, neither shall any man take them out of my hand" John 10:28"-id


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Heb. 11:1 A Man of Substance
Heb. 11:6  

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