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(Mat. 28:1)



aith rises where it finds Christ risen. "As it began to dawn" Two thousand years have passed since the first Easter Morn. 730,000 day breaks have declared the glory of God. "As it began to dawn" Sometimes Salvation comes like a dawn. The Bible says that "The path of the just is as a shining light, that shineth more and more unto a perfect day" (Prov. 4:18). For many coming to Salvation is like a gradual illumination of the darkened heart. Make no mistake about it – man’s heart is dark. Sin has made it so. Jeremiah said the "the heart is deceitful and desperately wicked who can know it?" Before Christ, there was darkness.

Faith- for some- comes like a dawn, like a day break. Has it dawned on you yet that Christ has risen from the dead and just what that means?

"As it began to dawn"

When God created the universe the Bible says that He began with light (because He is Light) "Let there be light!" God always starts with light.

The women did not really understand what had taken place and they did not expect what we call Easter. They came with their spices and their broken hearts, then gradually it began to dawn on them that something fantastic had happened. That is the way it is with many. That is how it was with the woman at the well. She first thought Jesus was just a man, then a Jew, then a prophet, then the Messiah, then the Savior of the world. Has it dawned on you?

"and behold, there was a great earthquake" For others it is less the dawn than it is the earthquake. They need something more drastic. They need to be shaken. They find Christ in the midst of a great life shaking experience or crisis. Their world has crumbled and fallen down. It may be their health that has crumbled, or their wealth, their marriage, or their reason for living. There amidst the rubble, as it was with the Philippian Jailer they find Christ. Some are saved at dawn, others at midnight.

"the angel of the Lord …rolled back the stone." Some do not come to faith until some large stone is rolled away. Some find it impossible to believe until some angel, messenger, or minister rolls away some large objection.  Then at last for them, God’s Word one day easily moves the stone. Suddenly they look in and see the grave clothes and believe.

Each life of faith has its own story. Each Salvation experience begins with finding the living and resurrected Christ. For some it is as gentle as the dawn, for others, "things" must fall down around them before "they" fall to their knees  in faith. For others, God sends an angel. However it is, each comes to the glorious conclusion first expressed in Matt. 28:6 "He is not here, he is risen, as he said."