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the Bible

A Tabernacle for the Son

“in them He hath set a tabernacle for the sun” Ps. 19:4b


salm 19 speaks of the heavens declaring the glory of God.  Until the believer dies, the Bible (read in the Spirit) is the closest we will get to heaven.  The Psalm speaks of the heavens being a “Tabernacle for the sun.”  We have something brighter and more brilliant.  We have the Bible.  “The heavens and the earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away,” said Jesus. 

 The two disciples of John asked Jesus where he lived.  His response was “come and see.”  Where does the Word live, you ask?  Why, in His word, of course.  “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.”  God is in His Temple.  God is in His Word.   

There was a time when the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.  The word “dwelt” is actually the word for tabernacled.  Yes, God is Omni-present.  Yes, there is no place we can run and hide from Him, but there is one place we can run to Him.  We always find Him home in His word.  Nichodemus came to find Him by night.  He was not disappointed.  Christ can always be found at Home, (although He is everywhere) in the Bible.  The Pharisee thought highly of Jesus.  He needed to think higher.  He thought Jesus to be a teacher sent from God.  He is more.  He is God’s Word come down. 

 To think that Jesus is in heaven is a wonderful thought and He is.  We are here and that because none of us are quite ready for heaven yet, saved or unsaved.  There is still something undone, unlearned, untested in this wilderness.  As Israel camped around the tabernacle we camp around the Word of God, but that is not enough. Some like to think of Christ being in heaven.  Although I know it is so, and there He intercedes for me, heaven is a thought higher than my thoughts.  I’m still down here.  But here I find a Tabernacle for the Son, and there I’m welcomed in.  We must enter in and enter often to find the One who is the Truth, the Light, the Living Word, and abide with Him.