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“Now is the accepted time, now is the day of salvation.” 2Cor.6:2


he Gospel is an instrument of intelligent design.  It is the way, the truth and the life.  It is the light of a new creation. It is the dawning of an eternally new day.  It is the utterance of God for a second Genesis over which The Almighty may well exclaim, as He did in the first, “and it was good.”   Never has better news been published, and never did a world need “Good News” more than now. 

  If unbelief is the midnight in man’s fallen mind and darkened reason, then the Gospel is the dawn.  If any man’s heart is troubled, then the Gospel is an end to internal chaos and an instrument of peace.  If any spirit is broken, or if any flame of hope nearly extinguished, then the Gospel is the balm of Gilead, or the gentle breeze bringing oxygen and a breath of fresh air.  If any feels the oppressive weight of a guilty conscience, and the torment that comes from knowing it has fallen short of the glory of God, then for them, the Gospel is relief and pardon.  Is any groping in the dark, fumbling to find the light, then the Gospel rolls away the sepulcher’s heavy stone and floods their tomb with light. 

 We have good news. Is anyone tired of reading the yellow journalism, propaganda and lies of sin?  For them is published glad tidings and the good news we call the Gospel.  Has any owned up to his moral bankruptcy and spiritual impoverishment?  For them, not only  is a great payment of debt made, but a transference of riches into eternal vaults where thieves can not break in and steal and rust will not corrupt.  Is any ignorant?  In the Gospel, let them find the truth and with it all the hidden treasures of wisdom.   

 The Gospel is refreshing water to any who is thirsty.   It is bread to the hungry; it is rest to the weary.  The Gospel answers death with the gift of everlasting life and the removing of death’s sting and the pain of earthly separations. 

 In origin, the Gospel is divine.  It exceeds man’s wildest imagination in its breadth and depth, and height and width.  The Gospel is simple, and yet it is inexhaustible in its supply, sufficient in its transforming properties, and satisfying to all to draw from its well. 

 The Good News shines in the face of a loving and living Savior, Jesus Christ, who triumphed over death and trampled underfoot, demonic enemies of good, and now  transforms trusting hearts and prepares them for eternal habitations in the heavens. 

 No timepiece is more precise, nor watch works more delicately balanced than the Gospel whose gentle gears are wound with the mainspring of providence and moved by the grace of God.  All the moving parts of this manifold message declare God’s goodness, love, power, righteousness, and wisdom. 

 How much longer ticks this instrument of grace only time will tell, but as the world sets its clocks and calendar for another year, we have good news that we are able to declare “Now is the accepted time, now is the day of Salvation.”