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ABC's of Life

“We know that thou art a teacher come from God”  Jn. 3:2.

magine a living alphabet.  Imagine each letter as a living breathing thing.  Imagine the “A” or the “I” taking a walk together or forming a partnership.  Imagine the Greek Iota scampering beneath the skirts of the Omicron or Omega.  Such an idea is not beyond belief when we study what is called the DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) or chemical helix of life.  Scientists have discovered what they call the Rosetta Stone of life itself.  This Alphabet of Life has only four letters.  The arrangement of these four letters in various forms of pairs determines if a being is a human being or a lightning bug.  Four different Nucleotides (adenine, thymine, cytosine, guanine) form what is called the base.  This base is combined with one molecule of phosphoric acid and one molecule of sugar.  What it comes down to is we are somewhere between phosphoric acid and sugar.  This might explain why some are sweet and some are bitter, but perhaps that is making life too simple. 

Another generation discovered that the World was round, and a lot bigger than they had thought.  Our generation has discovered the genetic alphabet of Genesis.  What are we going to do with these ABC’s (ATC’s and G’s)? Eve wanted to try her hand at being God.  When she finished writing her story, it had a bad ending.  She should have waited for God to teach her to write better.  We may know the letters, but if we don’t know the LORD we are more likely to misspell and get the letters out of order.  Without a teacher we are liable to get things backward.  If we are not careful L-I-V-E, can become E-V-I-L. Two thousand years ago the Teacher “come from God” came to correct our poor spelling. Not only would He correct our errors, He would die on the cross to erase all our iniquities and transgressions, and Oh yes, by the way, to make us sweeter too.