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Way Maker

"Prepare ye the way of the Lord…." Matt. 3:4


ohn  found his text in Isaiah (Isa. 40:3-4),  and there we see that God was about to make a way.  God gives us a little lesson in his spiritual road-building.  Watching God work in a man's life is always impressive.  May the work God has begun continue.

 "Every valley shall be filled."  There are many low spots that need lifting.  There are some empty places that need filling in, or building up.  These low places are lacks.  Isaiah uses the word "exalted."   In Salvation, God restores us to a place of dignity.   Then he says that "every mountain and hill shall be brought low."  There are places that are too high for my own good.  God has to bring us down a little.  God has to make us lower.  John himself would speak of that in his own life when he would say that "he (Jesus) must increase and I (John) must decrease.  In salvation, God takes us to a place of humility.

 Then there are the "rough" places.  Others know where these are better than we do.   God must work on my "rough" places.  He wants to make them smooth.  There are still many rough edges on this life and heart of mine.  Making them smooth requires sanding, grinding, planing the jagged edge, shaving it after saving it.

The Romans would often draw a straight line across the face of a map ignoring the contour of the land or any obstacles that might be in the way.This meant that much lifting up and filling in was required. So too are often the plans and will of God in our lives. By the time God is finished with us, when the work is done- then God can march onward over a transformed life which is a testament and a testimony to the Grace and power of God..