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"and Moses said, Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh?" Ex. 3:11

od is looking for somebody. Well, not really, actually He is looking for nobody. As a matter of fact, He delights in finding “nobodies,” and making them into “somebodies.” The problem is when these “somebodies” forget they were “nobodies” and think they are “somebodies.” This sounds complicated, but it is not.
Moses was a nobody. Nobody would have ever heard of him had not God found him, and except for the fact that God loves everybody. God heard the groaning of Israel’s captivity and singled out the son of a slave for a special “salvation.” Jochebed placed the baby in a basket and placed him in the river. Somebody found him and Moses became a great “somebody.” One day he saw an Egyptian beating a Hebrew. Moses, thinking he was “somebody” slew the Egyptian, forgetting that he himself was once a “nobody” and he had the right to tell “everybody” what to do, because he was a “somebody.” God was watching all of this. Moses needed to be reminded that it was only God who could make a “nobody” into a “somebody,” and we don’t have the right to hurt “anybody.”
It took forty years for Moses to learn this. When God called Moses again from the flames of the burning bush, Moses protested saying he was a “nobody.” Now we are getting somewhere. That’s exactly who God was looking for. Moses became the meekest man on earth, and that's a Somebody. God is looking for a nobody, to tell everybody, about somebody who can save anybody. These saved persons become part of Christ's body. Happiness rejoices in what it has, but never forgets what it was. -id