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then God made man

Why I said "Yes" to Jesus

I closely examined and considered His claims, character, conduct. I pondered the paradox of the cross and responded to power of His call.  I found His influence on world history and upon my own heart to be indelible, His character impeccable, courage invincible, words imperishable, His love immeasurable and kindness incredible. He said He was the Way, and I believe Him. For the sinner, He is the way “out,” for the seeker, the way “in.” For the fallen, He is the way “up.” For those gone astray, He is the way “back.” For the lost He is the way “home.” He is the Highway, the Freeway, the Narrow Way, and the Only Way. He also said that He is the Truth and I believe the Truth. As Truth, His words were unvarnished as well as untarnished. Truth is untainted, untangled, and without shadow of turning. Truth is “what is,” and Jesus is the “I Am.” Truth is the plumb line, the straight edge, the fulcrum and the tip of the spear. He also said He is Life. He offers to all who believe in Him, New, Abundant, and Eternal life. He was, by His enemies vilified, by birth and life qualified, by prophecy crucified, resurrection justified, and by His ascension glorified. He is the center, the source and the force of my faith. He is my Savior and Lord. Two Thousand years ago He came, He Became, He Overcame, and He said He is Coming Again.  Perhaps Today.   -id



King of my Life

The Sermon on the Mount (Mat.5)
Jesus began his ministry with this epic sermon. Jesus begins where we need to begin, with the heart. At the cross Jesus prepares (and purchases) a place for us. Here on this gentle slope, Jesus begins to prepare us for the place. “Blessed are the poor in spirit.” Until we examine our heart, until we open our heart, nothing happens. But the moment we recognize and admit to our need God draws near. To be poor in spirit is to be in need of God. We put ourself in the place of grace. God gives grace to the humble. The Jewish nation, like mankind everywhere, “looked on the outward appearance, God looks on the heart.” Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He will lift you up. -id



Does Public Education Have a Prayer?




Equity and Equality


Good Seed

Seed Corn

Crossword Gal.6:14

Herod should have dropped what he had been doing and walked barefoot to Bethlehem. He should have left his crown as the woman at the well left her water pot and found the fountain of life. Herod should have climbed down from his Sycamore like Zacchaeus and with the wise men, worship the Prince of Peace. He, like every sinner, was a fool. As were we until we saw the light. The Bible is filled with Wise men who were simply following the word of God to Jesus.

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this author found Peace fifty-four years ago when he knelt by an army bunk bed and surrendered to God, and this is a collection of lessons learned and shared along the way.

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Paul asked two questions when he was converted on the Damascus Road. "Who are you Lord?" The second question was, "What do you want me to do?" First there is the Who, then there is the Do.