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Woe unto them that call evil good and good evil” (Isa. 5:20).


hat ever happened to standards, warnings and labels like PG? Do you remember when movies were given precautionary labels such as G, PG, R, and X?  It was like putting traffic lights at dangerous intersections. Someone has removed all the stop signs along life’s road, and morally speaking, the Public School has become a demolition derby. Every day is a crash course in Character Corruption. A whole generation of children have come home damaged. This verse is a little yellow flag waved along the spiritual speedway.  PG stood for Parental Guidance. Today the Pied Pipers of political correctness and so-called Progressivism has not only belittled parental standards and ideals but are seeking to cancel parental authority and criminalize domestic enforcement of the Ten Commandments in the name of LGBTQ rights and affirmation.

 We put the skull and crossbones on bottles of poison to warn little children (who have not yet learned to read) to stay away from evil.  Now tenured professors and Kindergarten teachers are passing out pills of perversion like fentanyl, and false ideas like candy. They are calling good evil and evil good.  Somehow someone has changed all the tags in the department store, removed all the batteries from the smoke alarms, and stoned all the prophets.

The next time you read about another mass shooting, child suicide, or young person dying in some Tik Tok challenge, ask yourself “Where were the parents?” They were, more than likely, AWOL.   Instead of PC (Political Correctness) we need PG (Parental Guidance).  Children need PG not XXX. Instead of learning about LGBTQ, children need to learn about the A and Ω (Alpha and Omega) the beginning and the end as described in the Bible. They need godly parents. They need Jesus who said, “suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not.”   -id