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the House of Representatives



he problem is still with the House of Representatives. The House of Representatives is supposed to represent Americans. It’s a picture of who we are, if not a mirror of the state and condition of our Democratic Republic. More and more, it resembles something like the bar scene in the movie Star Wars. The House has become an amalgamation of madness, malpractice, and malfeasance and may have already crossed an event horizon into a black hole from which there is no return. It seems that there will be no Luke Skywalker to take on the Federation, nor will there be a Return of the Jedi to save us from ourselves. America has chosen the Dark Side. The U.S. House of Representatives is a mess.  Having said that, the House of David and House of Israel was supposed to be a House of God’s Representatives before the World. Yet they stumbled and bumbled through history to the point of rejecting and crucifying their own Savior, who foretold the consequences of such a betrayal when he warned, “your House shall be left desolate.” Nearly two thousand years would come and go since the destruction of the temple and the re-birth of the Jewish nation in Israel, and still, she fails to understand her mission. The faults of the U.S. House of Representatives, and the failure of the Hebrew House of Representatives is not as serious or as important as the failure of the church, which (if nothing else) is supposed to be representative of God’s interests on Earth. The “so-called” believers have missed the mark and mission given by Christ, marginalized the message, to say nothing of mismanaging the grace he has bestowed. The church is supposed to be a House of Representatives representing and following Christ’s example living out the message of God’s love in the power of Pentecost. Church divisions, scandals, and shallow music have made an uncertain sound, adding to the chaos and confusion. What takes place in Washington is not as important as what is taking place in our hearts. We are to be Ambassadors for Christ, but we are also to be ensamples (or samples) of citizens of a new race of people and a new nation in and under God for good, and God’s glory. (1Pet.4:17)  -id