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Mary's Boy

“And he did not many mighty works there because of their unbelief.” Mat. 13:58


od was speaking, but they didn’t hear. God stood before them, but they did not see.   How close we also can be to the Word of God and remain both unmoved and unimpressed.  Here the Word himself was standing in their midst and they were unaffected.  They heard words.   They were even impressed by (astonished)  by what they saw as wisdom, yet they were not changed by it.  Their attitudes were not changed.  Their minds were not changed.  There lives were not changed.  “Is not his the carpenter’s son?” 

 How often God comes to us with life changing words and we too are left as we were found, the same.  Jesus put it this way, “a prophet is not without honor, save in his own country.”  They just saw Mary’s boy. 

How many times has God come by and crossed our path and we are deaf and blind to his presence?  How many times have we too failed to enjoy some mighty work in us, because of our unbelief? 

 Thomas saw Jesus almost everyday for three years.  He slept by the same camp fires, ate from the same table, sailed in the same boat.  He might have seen Jesus as a  modern Moses or Maccabees, even the Messiah, but deep down inside he still thought of him as Mary’s boy.  It was not until the post resurrection appearance that Thomas really saw Jesus.  Then he said, “my Lord and my God!”  Funny, how people claim to be Christians who think they can enjoy his company without owning him as both Lord and God.

Anything less than that is to believe he is Mary’s boy. He is more than Mary’s boy, the carpenter’s son.  He is God the Son, and I must bow before his every word, every jot and every tittle.