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A Higher form of Life

“..and that man was perfect.” Job 1:1



reation and evolution are involved in the making of holy men.  God can make a diamond in a moment, or according to the laws of nature and rules of science, He can make one from a piece of coal over many years.  Someone said a diamond is “just a piece of coal under a lot of heat and pressure.”  Either way, the result is something precious.  Those who study Darwin, would do well to study Job.  Homo Erectus to evolutionists is an important link in an evolutionary train.  This Erectus fellow was supposed to be the turning point from ape to human. Erectus was supposed to be the passage from animal to man when he had finally learned to “stand on his own two feet.”

If there is anything to evolution, the next step in a higher form of life, after standing up would be learning to walk with God.  It is in the “walking with God” that a spiritual piece of coal becomes a diamond.  One thing we know about Job was that he was “up-right.”  Until a man is “born-again” he is still crawling around in the dirt.  Being up-right requires “fearing God and eschewing evil.”  This is the missing link.  If “fearing God and eschewing evil” is a description of a godly race, I’m afraid this world is still the planet of the apes. -id

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