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Cure All

“..bring me word again.” Mt. 2:8


 he historian said King Herod was half Jewish. He did not say which half, or if he was talking about blood or belief. No one can be half Christian. You are either born again or you are not. That is why Jesus told Nicodemus “You must be born again.” Herod was half Edomite, and like all sinners, was cursed of God. Yes, cursed. If “In the day thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die” is not a curse, I don’t know what is.  Although cursed, contaminated, and condemned by sin, God sent the only cure, his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Magi from the East brought the good news to Herod, and Micah practically rose from the dead pointing to the very spot where Hope was waiting, but Herod would not follow the star.   God always places his cure within reach of every sin-sick soul, or sends wise men to stand before our silly thrones. Herod said, “bring me word again.” For him, from that day forward Heaven was silent. There is no guarantee anyone who ignores God’s word today will hear it again tomorrow. To all who are sick of sin, Jesus is still the Cure. -id

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