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“..that the works of God should be manifested in him.” John 9:3



ost of us are nearly blind when it comes to seeing how the works of God could be found in a little blind baby, but that is what the Bible teaches. Just how many years went by through a blind childhood, sightless adolescence, and a dark beggar-hood is unclear. But this baby was born blind, not for his sins nor for the sins of his parents, but in order for the “works of God to be manifest in him.” We come upon the story with this miracle late in the blind man's life, but God was working all along. That a baby is so handicapped is a mystery shrouded in robes of God’s sovereignty. What I do know is that God has a plan and purpose for each and every baby, blind or not. Our mission is to bow before Christ as Savior and Sovereign. Long before the opening of this blind beggar’s eyes, God was at work. Every time someone was moved by compassion enough to drop a coin in his beggar’s cup, or extend a hand of kindness, the “works of God were manifest.” God is the beggar's accountant. God keeps the books and one day, they too will be manifest. Do some kindness today that the "works of God [might] be manifest."

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