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Best Buy

"Buy the truth and sell it not"  (Prov.23:23)


est Buy stock closed at $64 today. On Nov. 22, 2021 it closed at $126. Seems Best Buy turns out not to be the best buy, but then again, I don’t own any stocks anyway. The Bible says “Buy the Truth and sell it not (Prov. 23:23). Now the truth is, truth is not for sale, yet the Bible says “buy it.” In Isaiah God says, “Ho, everyone that thirsteth come to the waters and he that hath no money come ye, come buy and eat, buy wine and milk without money and without price.” That does not mean what Isaiah 55 is talking about is “free.” It is not. So, then how do you buy it? Well, if someone tries to sell you a ‘Bill of Goods,’ and you know the sacks are empty, you say “no thanks, I’ll pass,” because “you don’t believe it.” Faith is the only currency accepted in the transaction that takes place at the cross. To believe it, is ‘to buy it.’ You cannot put a price tag on Salvation, neither is there a price tag on Truth (and Jesus is the Truth). That does not mean Truth and Salvation are ‘Free.’ The fact is faith will cost you, but faith knows it is worth it. There is no price (or as Isaiah says, “buy without price”) because what is being offered in exchange for your childlike faith, and what Jesus did to save my soul is Priceless. -id