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Prosperity Gospel


he church in Laodicea was the first to preach the Prosperity Gospel: “I am rich, increased in goods, and have need of nothing.” Ah, beware the deceitfulness of riches. Instead of being a sweet-smelling savor, this Gospel stinks to high heaven. The prosperity gospel is the doctrine of devils. “All these things I will give you,” said Satan to Jesus in the wilderness. It’s a lie.  Like the Laodiceans, the Pharisees would crucify Christ Himself, before they would give up their Box Seats to make room for the so-called deplorables, deadbeats, and sin-sick souls that were storming through the open Gates of the Kingdom. “Ho, everyone that thirsteth… come!” They came in droves, the poor, the meek, the broken-hearted, the humble, as Christ seemed to announce a Jubilee and a Kingdom Come in what Isaiah called “the acceptable year of the LORD.”
Ah, but are we not rich in Christ? Yes. Paul said, “But, my God shall supply all your need according to HIS riches in glory, by Christ Jesus” (Phil. 4:19). Everything I have belongs to HIM. It’s all his. I am just a steward. David learned this the hard way. After a rise and a fall, he somehow stumbled upon a truth: God gives Grace to the humble. Listen to this King in his morning prayers (Ps. 86:1) “Bow down thy ear Oh LORD, hear me, for I am poor and needy.” This is the default position of Grace: being needy, not greedy. Covetousness mixed with the Gospel is a fault and a disgrace; and Salvation? Not a trace.  -id