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Without a Prayer

Does Public Education Have a Prayer?
Not only has Public Education failed to prepare children academically for the Twenty-First Century, it has also failed to prepare this last generation (Generation Z) for tomorrow.  Does Public Education have a prayer? Not since 1962. How are we doing?  Many Public High School Graduates cannot read their own diploma.  They cannot write a clear concise sentence.  Simple math is an enigma to them. Most school districts require 180 days of school per year. If children spent one hour per day coming and going (not to mention waiting for the bus), they would have spent 7.5 days, (a week) on the bus.  What they learn on the bus in five minutes can undermine years of discipline, training, and direction given by loving parents. What they learn in the classroom often has little to do with life (or Pro-Life). A recent posting on the NCHE Homeschooling Blog pointed out that NC Legislators dismiss all the success of home-schooled children saying that home school teachers are “not educators.” Thank God, they are not. Our so-called professional educators are a disaster. If you as a parent are troubled by what is happening in the public school, forget joining the PTA. Save your breath. And if you really want to save and serve your children’s best interest, the first step to a sound and solid education is don’t let them get on that bus. Consider Home Schooling.  -id