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Collapse of Kabul


abul is sacked. The Afghan government folded like a cheap suitcase. It collapsed like a house of cards. Following the collapse of the World Trade Center, then-President Bush visited Iraq. Someone threw a shoe at him. It took twenty years for the second shoe to drop. This military adventure was doomed from the beginning. Anyone imagining otherwise must have been smoking Opium from poppy fields of Kandahar.  Afghanistan has been called “the Grave of Empires.” America is its latest victim. Twenty years, over seven thousand US war dead (including US Contractors), and Two-Trillion dollars spent, America has been routed by the Taliban, a rag-tag band of rebels. Politicians will now begin the blame game, but that’s a lame game. Our hearts break as we watch desperate people trying to cling to fleeing American aircraft and falling from wheel wells.
An empty suit or an empty sack cannot stand up. Like sinners, Nations cannot be changed from the outside. The Salvation of a country, as the Salvation of a sinner (while divine), must be from the inside out. That is why Jesus told Nicodemus, “You must be born again.” The Afghan Army (like the South Vietnamese Army) did not have the heart to fight for freedom. Like the “swept and garnished” house in Matt. 12:44, all attempts at human reformation, without a New Birth, and power and the Holy Spirit’s occupancy is a waste of time. Without Jesus, the demons will always come back (bringing their friends), and the end will be worse than the beginning. America will soon have its own day of reckoning. Jesus said, Without me, ye can do nothing.” Sad to say, I’m afraid it’s true; without God, America is an empty sack.   -id