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any are puzzled and perplexed by current events and disruptive ideas such as BLM, LGBTQ, and CRT which have become as ubiquitous as the man-made virus that now plagues the planet. Each produces its own symptoms. No ventilator or vaccine can mitigate the misery caused by these political movements but allow me to vent a little.

 In politics, curses often wear masks called causes. Every epidemic has its point of origin. Understanding the origin of a pandemic and how it spreads is vital to minimizing its impact and mitigating its misery. Social unrest and upheaval always have a cause and an effect.  Politics attempts to treat the symptoms, never getting to the source or actual substance. What these variants all have in common is their rejection of real truth: the Bible. This is not to say that adherents to social justice causes are not religious. They are fanatically religious. Today’s attack on Western Civilization and Judeo-Christian principles is really an attack and war against God as the absolute and final authority.

All the backward civilizations with their barbaric behavior, witch doctors, pantheism, animism, cannibalism, and tribalism were usually matriarchal not patriarchal. Today more and more people speak of Mother Nature and Mother Earth, saving the planet more than saving the soul. Although Western Civilization was not really “Christian,” (any more than America is Christian) the Bible was accepted as the spiritual authority, touchstone, cornerstone, and loadstone to help shape, support, and guide life.

All the questions of equity, equality, and trials of life were answered and adjudicated at the Cross. Jesus settled the patriarchy-matriarchy question for me when he taught his disciples to bow their heads and pray, “Our Father which art in Heaven.” End of argument.  Yes, God is Spirit, but he did not say “Oh, Spirit,” but "Out Father." As to marriage, (which unbelievers want to reinvent) Jesus said, “For this cause a man shall leave his father and mother and cleave unto his wife and they shall become one flesh.” It is that simple.

So, who is Patient Zero and the origin of the world’s greatest plague? Eve.  And Ground Zero and the answer and solution to all man’s woes? Jesus on the Cross.   For people who accept the Bible as the bedrock, keystone, and loadstone of life, this is not offensive. It is simply fitting a puzzle’s piece into its proper place. Eve was deceived. Eve believed a lie. To those who reject the authority and authenticity of the Bible, this is a “trigger.” In fact its the Truth. Today, Women are selling their birthright for a bowl full of lentils and lies. God used a humble maid named Mary, to give the world a Savior. A woman’s place is not necessarily in the kitchen. It is in fulfilling the will of God.  Trying to reshape the piece to fit the puzzle brings no joy and brings no peace.   -id