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C-4 is an Explosive

The Democratic Party has become the American Demolition and anti-Christian Party. It has placed C-4 throughout American Society and its Social Institutions like explosives set by military operatives. C-4 is a plastic explosive used in warfare to blow up infrastructure, bridges, buildings, roads. The chemical composition of the Leftist’s C-4 is Critical Race Theory, Cancel Culture, Communism, and Class Warfare.

An entire generation has been indoctrinated and brain washed through 50 years of this Leftist ideology. When Tim Scott recently said, “Let me be perfectly clear, America is not a Racist Nation,” Joy Behar (a White Leftist) said “Tim Scott does not know the difference between Racism and Systemic Racism.” Like the LGBT movement, they have invented words and changed meanings. Critical Race Theory says White People are inherently Racist and, not only blind to this malady, they are incapable of ever atoning for, or being redeemed from their “whiteness” or its inherent evils. America is evil (they say) because racist oppression was always its evil plan and purpose. The educational goal is to teach this theory to pre-school children as evolution was taught to the last generation.

The second C in the C-4 in American destruction is Cancel.  It begins with cancelling the life of the unborn and ends with the cancelling common sense. Next is Class Warfare. The brush fires of envy and resentment are based on covetousness and greed. Pitting each upon the other creates a chaos necessary to establish the Fourth C, which is Communism. Communism, has attempted to cancel the individual in favor of the collective. (read Animal Farm). It is built on lies and has left a trail of blood. The only way to survive the chaos is in discovering the Fifth C, the Cross of Christ. Jesus said, “The thief comes only to rob, to kill, to destroy, but I am come that you might have life and have it more abundantly. My hope is not in any Political Party, but rather in One Person who said. "if anyone will come after me, let him deny himself, take up his Cross and follow me."   -id