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Gangs of New York


man getting off a bus arriving from Atlanta in New York City was attacked by a gang of twelve people. They apparently were waiting patiently for his arrival. Setting upon him like a pack of angry dogs they beat him to a pulp, robbed him of his phone and possessions, stripped him of his clothes and underwear and left him naked and bleeding from multiple knife wounds. New Yorkers just watched, of course. Some reading this will also be uninterested, others will shake their heads, or get angry hearing the color and race of the attacked and the attackers. Some will change their minds after hearing the victim was also a criminal, a member of a notorious gang and say, “see, he got what he deserved.” What goes around comes around. Many living in their gated communities will find comfort in a false sense of security and a worse sense of superiority. We live in a violent world, and were in not for our pride, fullness of Bread, and abundance of idleness (the sins of Sodom) we would recognize the truth. “The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked.”  Our political parties have become gangs (George Washington warned us about Political Parties), and those gangs fight for power, riches and control of the current drugs of choice and opioids of the people. Congress has disintegrated into two gangs. I remember seeing gang members wearing their colors in Brooklyn. Woe to the Blood who disrespects a Crip. Woe to the gang member without a gang. Congress is closing in on a former leader of a despised gang. They will not rest until he is beaten, naked, and left bleeding in the street. Some will say, “He got what he deserved.” The Gestapo will hunt down his family members, to destroy them as a lesson to all. Others will just close the blinds and draw the curtains. Some will change their colors. God may have made man “a little lower than the angels,” but since then we have devolved from the Origin of Species to a place beneath the lowest beast. As the feeding frenzy in Washington continues, the heart of man will be on display.  Let every man examine himself. Set upon, beaten, mocked, stripped naked before the world, hung up and out to dry, seems, despite all our churches (in some cases, just religious gangs) America has learned nothing from Calvary.   -id