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nd the Lord said unto Cain, Why art thou angry? and why is thy countenance fallen? (Gen 4:6) There are a lot of angry people in this world. Whether it’s in Government, the home, or the office, it is usually a question of who is in charge. It’s not new, just look at Cain’s countenance. God was not in charge of his heart. Anger is a reaction to something. God asked a good question, “Why are you so angry? Anger sometimes erupts like a volcano spewing ash and lava in every direction and filling the sky with smoke. Angry, cruel, and hateful words, attempt to smother anything in its path.. Sometimes anger is more subtle. It smolders like a burning underground peatmoss fire and uses the “violence of silence” to choke the very air we breathe, in order to get its way. Road Rage is sometimes the explosive response that results in a “war on wheels,” and can be deadly. Cut someone off on the highway and see what happens. If you rub some cats the wrong way, and you will get scratched. The next time you feel the magma of the old nature begin to rise and flush your face, breathe. Put on your own oxygen mask before you try to save the aircraft. Pray, Thank God he is flying your plane. Then, ask yourself, “why am I angry?” There is a lot to be angry about in this sinful world. The Bible says, “be angry and sin not.” It’s not what happens to us, rather it’s what we do next that determines if things get better or go down hill from here. -id

It's not what happens to us, but what we do next that will determine if things get better or we go downhill from here.