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Problems, Left and Right


We are in the middle of a plague and are plagued with many problems. Ted Cruz went to Cancun while his constituents were freezing. That’s Cold! Now the lights are back on in Texas and things are heating up. A mariachi band is playing on Ted Cruz’s front lawn as I write. His neighbors have mixed feelings, but eventually we all have to face the music. Politics is a perpetual motion machine. It is a tug of War. The war goes on. Our problem is not just politics. If you have your nose in the News, you should know the church has its own problems. Political and religious heroes will always let you down. John the Baptist said he was just a voice in the wilderness. Today everybody is shouting. Isaiah said, “the work of righteousness is peace, and the effect of righteousness is quietness and assurance forever” (Isa. 32:17). There is no peace in politics. There is however peace in the work of Righteousness and faith in the Prince of Peace. Even John seemed to almost lose his faith before he lost his head. Not seeing Israel being made great again, asked from prison, “Art thou He, or do we look for another?” Some are looking for replacements for their failed or fallen leaders. John came to his senses realizing, there is no other. Many will spend the next four years trying to fight God's enemies, forgetting that our greatest enemies are the world, the, flesh, and the devil. My greatest problem is not "them," but me. John was just a voice (on loan from God). The voices come and go, but the word of God is forever. Don't follow the people who say they are following Jesus, Follow Jesus!   -id