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God don't need no matches


od don’t need no matches
That may be poor grammar, but it is good preaching. Faith does not need to bring matches to the upper room. The fire fell from heaven. It merely needs to wait for Pentecost. The fire also fell on Carmel when Elijah said, “Amen.” Not only did he not need matches, he soaked the wood on the altar with water. God does not need Richard the Lion-hearted to save Christianity from the Sultan, and God does not need a holy war to save the world from Satan. The Children’s Crusade of 1212 AD began with enthusiasm, but it was never “God-breathed.” It failed, and the boys and girls who did not drown on their way to Jerusalem, were sold in the slave markets of the Middle Ages. There is nothing wrong in praying for a miracle. God can still change water into wine, but his servants simply follow Christ's commands, and as Mary said, "do whatever He asks you to do." The wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God. Jesus said, “If my Kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight.” The two on the road to Emmaus were disappointed and disillusioned. “We trusted,” they said, and they were devastated by the death of Jesus. Their faith had become a smoking flax. Then Christ opened the Scriptures which they later described as a fire burning in their heart. The great lesson learned by the two on the Emmaus way was, God is not finished yet. We don't follow the fire. We follow the light. So, don’t follow the people who say they are following Jesus, follow Jesus. -id