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The world has sneezed. Nations are closing their borders and locking their doors. Stock markest are in free fall. The coronavirus has created a world-wide panic. The enemy is inside the gates.   A virus is an aggressive strand of DNA that attacks other life forms infiltrating at the biological cellular level. It needs a host since it cannot reproduce on its own Most people are somewhat familiar with DNA which is the genetic code of the life form. Each cell in our body contains this set of instructions, and recipe of organic elements. Also inside the cell is what is called the RNA. The RNA is a copy of the DNA that enables the worn out cell (and all our cells wear out) to reproduce a brand new cell (some in days, some in weeks, some in months). Viruses invade a cell, hijack it, and the take over the control room of RNA to reproduce itself instead of the original cell. It is sort of like the planes that used to be hijacked on a regular basis and diverted to Cuba.
Smallpox is a virus that decimated American Indians when they were exposed to it through European explorers. HIV is the most modern virus to ravage modern society. There is still no cure, but those infected have, through medicine been able to mitigate the symptoms. 32 million have died since HIV broke out in the 1970’s. Rabies is a virus.  Those bitten by a rabid animal can recover if treated in time. Without treatment, death is 100 % certain. Ebola has many strains. One strain has a 50 – 70% mortality rate.
500,000 die every year (world wide) from the flu.  40% of the world’s population contracted the Spanish Flu in 1918. 50 million died. The current Coronavirus (named after its crown shape) is very serious in that humans have no natural immune response yet. Our healthy bodies will enlist every God-given defense and 90% will defeat the viral attack and recover. Those with compromised immune systems are in greatest danger, not unlike the weak or already sickly caribou, being culled from the herd by a pack of wolves. Mother Nature knows no mercy. Father God, on the other hand is merciful and has made a way of escape. We all will die when we take our last breath (and we will). Wash your hands, but search your heart. Sin is still the worst and most deadly pathogen. It is time for the whole world to realize that God wants us to live with Him forever, and offers to every sin-sick sinner New, Abundant, and Eternal life through Jesus Christ.-id


Ingimar DeRidder
5523 Newberry Drive
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