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“He that walketh with wise men shall be wise...." Prov. 13:20


erod should have dropped what he was doing and walked barefoot to Bethlehem with the Wisemen.  He should have left his crown and laid his kingdom down. Like the woman at the well who left her water pot to go and tell all Sychar that the Savior had come to break the drought of a sin-cursed world, to leave all doubt, and kneel. Herod should have climbed down from his Sycamore like Zacchaeus, or his high horse like Saul, and let the wisemen lead the way to life, abundant and eternal. He was a fool to delay, and hope to hear the word of God another day. He could have sued for Peace and prayed the war within his heart and bloodshed cease. He should have by faith welcomed Him who saves the sinner and let new life begin.   -id