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Spiritual Gifts

and the Spiritually gifted


spiritual gift is not a “talent,” but a tool, more a trowel than a jewel. It is a spiritual building thing, used to build-up and edify the saints and glorify God. Someone with the gift of mercy is a minister and a magnet to the wounded and brokenhearted. In the darkness, they are a flashing neon light announcing “Room Available.” The hurting always find room in that inn. The saint with the gift of mercy, hurts with those who are hurting, and yes, rejoice with those who rejoice because they care and envy not, and vaunt not themselves. But all the while they never point to themselves but always to the healer of hearts, the Lord Jesus. The gift of mercy does not actually have to be “developed.” A gift is actually God working in you both to will and to do his good pleasure. We need to just take the "Yoke" Jesus spoke of. We can develop a talent or skill, but not a spiritual gift. We "use" a gift, or exercise a gift. We commonly hear of someone being “exercised” to do something. Exercise thyself unto godliness. Jesus said, "Learn of Me." While studying the gifts is helpful, seeking to be more like Jesus is better. Then the gift is just shared with others never conscious of using a gift, but thinking all the while "Shine, Jesus Shine."