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Great is a great word. It is subjective and our objective. How was your vacation? I hope it was great. It’s what we hope for and aim for. We say, “he played a great game.” We don’t want our children or grandchildren to do an average job (that’s a C), or fail. Straight A’s, now that would be great. Muhammad Ali used to boast that he was the “Greatest.” In many was he was.  It is a comparison. The Great Depression, was not good, but it was “Great” until something worse comes along.   There was Herod the Great, Peter Great, and the Great Wall of China. Then of course there was the argument among the disciples about who was the greatest, which is silly on its face. That’s like watching two worms arguing about which is the fastest.

  The idea of Greatness in this world is a marred measure. It’s miscalculated, and is often like pyrite and mistaken for gold. A man may be counted great by both bank and business, by the number of pawns, fawns, or footmen that serve him, or the number of suppliants that seek him. He always has many powerful friends and connections. He has degrees, and honorary degrees, is likely to be given a staff in the field, or a flag in the fleet. He wears the best, drives the best, stands above the rest, and is a sought after guest at every table. His name is recognized, his approval sought, and his endorsement desired.  The so-called great man makes the front page and the history book. He is an alumni of a prestigious University, a favorite son of some Elite Secret Society, and outstanding in his field.  He has access to wealth and power.  He enjoys Titles, such as your Lordship, your Majesty, your Highness, Colonel, Commander, or King. The problem is these accolades and man-made titles do not move the needle on heaven’s scales of greatness one iota.

  Greatness is not found in being  first,  fast, or the most famous, but in finding one’s place and purpose in the Heavenly Father’s will. It is seen in loving the most, giving most, and making the most of the talents God gave you.  It is in ignoring slights, foregoing rights, turning the other cheek, defending the weak, and doing unto others as we would have them do unto us. It is in reaching for the basin in the Upper Room, or the bandage to bind a wound for someone found beaten on the Jericho Road. It is in being grateful for the Manna that falls from heaven, and for the last cup of flour in the bottom of the barrel which is gladly shared with the hungry stranger, or dropping your last two mites into the poor box when no one but God is looking. Greatness is found in the sound of a joyful song launched from some Ark of adversity, dungeon, pit, jail in Philippi, cotton field in Georgia, or ash heap in Uz. Greatness is seen in a faith that is faithful, a heart that is hope-filled, and a hand willing and ready to help.  It is found in loving your enemy, and in blessing those who curse you, or despitefully used you, and even those who have said all manner of evil against you, falsely.  Greatness is not in having many servants, but in being the servant of all. It is not in the trumpets or fanfare, but in the triumph of truth and firmness of faith. It is not in, finding the North Pole, walking on the moon, or in crossing vast oceans, but in the small cup of cold water, the bedside vigil, and visit to prison. It is living in the light, doing what is right.  It’s loving God First, and your neighbor as yourself. It is being grateful for all, and being gracious to all. Now, that's great. Have a great day.   -id