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Pray the Prince of Peace

I read The Boys’ Crusade – by Paul Fussell on the madness of war.  It is the story of my father and a million other fathers when they were just boys slogging across Europe in 1944.  It reminded me of the day I (severely wounded in my soul and spirit by just a little taste of this madness) knelt by an Army bunk and bowed before the Prince of Peace.  War in all its ugliness must be fueled by hatred for the enemy.  Even the best of noble intentions, high ideals, and imagined moral superiority has not stomach enough to do the nasty business that is required.  Only hatred, or fear can produce the fury necessary to tear the guts and heart out of someone else’s son, father or brother before this foe (also driven by an equal fear or hatred) tries to kill your mother’s son.  What demon rides among these dogs of war only God can tell, but rest assured the stable of these steeds is not in heaven, but in hell.  I pray for the peace of Jerusalem, Sri Lanka, and America.