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the Church

It’s supposed to be about Jesus.
It should be all about Him.
The church, not created to please us,
we who were pardoned of sin.
We are brands grace plucked from burning,
grateful we’re pulled from the fire.  
The more we learn about Jesus,
the more serving Him our desire -id

That's Your Opinion!

The Dialectic exercise is the art of investigating the truth of opinions. Almost everyone in the Western world has heard Pilate’s rhetorical (or sarcastic) question to Jesus. What is truth? Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel did more to muddy the waters here than anyone, since Satan lectured Eve in the Garden of Eden about Truth. Truth is what is. Only the Great I Am, who knows all things, knows what “is.” We know what is revealed or He allows us to see. Take the Bible and the God of the Bible out of the discussion of “truth,” and you have taken Truth out of truth.
Philosophers since ancient times have tried to explain truth. The Bible says men changed the truth of God into a lie.  That is where we are today.  But that is not enough for the father of lies. He is ever trying to destroy, discredit or distort the Truth. These days, truth has not only fallen in the street, it is being trampled.
The introduction of the idea of a new “non-binary gender” is the fruit of Hegel’s Synthesis.  Truth used to be seen as something that was binary. Either things were true or they were not. In the True or False test there were only two options, and only one right answer.  We do live in a world of degrees, but in the moral universe right and wrong are  the binary basis of good and evil. Satan has been chewing on that foundation for ages, and the supporting beams in the basement of civilization are about to collapse.

Liberals like to dismiss us by saying “That’s your opinion.” We really do not have the luxury of an opinion when it comes to truth. Look at the air bubble in the oil filled glass cylinder on a carpenter’s level. It reveals what is true. Something is level or it is not. God’s law is the straight edge that shows if something is crooked. Hegel came up with the idea that truth was a moving target somewhere between thesis and antithesis which he called synthesis. This is why people speak of a consensus of scientific opinion when talking about global warming. Science is supposed to be what is observed, measured and predicted. It is not supposed to be theory or opinion. For the godless there is not absolute, no level, no straight line, no truth. They speak of “my truth” as opposed to truth. This non binary gender idea is a final frontal assault on the Bible, and on the Bible-Believer. What should the church do in times like these? We are to Seek the Truth, Speak the Truth, Give the Truth and Live the Truth. We are love good and hate evil. We must speak, but must speak the truth in love (Eph. 4:15)-id