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Political Hysteria


and the Hermeneutics of Secular Humanism


Man was made by God and for God. Without God, man is without a reason. There are laws of nature, laws of human nature, and laws of super nature (or better known as the laws of God). Without laws, human nature easily sinks to level of the canine, and it’s dog eat dog. The godless man becomes both the predator and the prey. Without God, good, and grace, cannibalism comes quickly after chaos. We will consume one another. Human nature needs laws to keep the planets of civilized society from colliding. If asteroids really did kill the dinosaurs as scientists and secular humanists insist, they might want to back off all the man-made acrimony and the acidic asteroid belt of belligerence the “left” is raining down on the “right.” While warning about the destruction of the planet and man-made global warming, Liberals are setting the Earth on fire with their vitriol and outrage. Etiquette, decorum, and respect are laws of civility. How did we get here?
Every man has a heart and a conscience, which on some levels can be compared to the spirit and the truth. Man’s body is a temple. The heart is an altar. The mind is a magnet. The conscience, yes the conscience is the spirit of man. The conscience is a delicate spiritual instrument, like a clock or a sundial placed by God in the inner man. A sundial does not work in the dark. A godless world is very dark indeed. Isaiah said, “To the law and to the testimony, if they speak not according to this Word, it is because there is no light in them.” God is light, and God is really the only light we have.  Reject the light and we must live in the dark. Welcome to the dark Ages. Islam rose up during what Western historians called the Dark Ages. During that time, the church was corrupt, careless, and crass. There were the Sultans, the Moores, and and all the religious wars. There was ignorance. Once again the West has sunk into moral decadence, and Islam sweeps across the Earth like an Eleventh plague of Egypt. It’s time for all in Goshan to make sure the lintel and the doorposts of their body, soul and spirit have been clearly marked as His by faith. - Ingimar DeRidder