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Dr. Jill has a Doctor’s degree, but she is not a real doctor. You would not want her to prescribe medicine or do open heart surgery. Even if someone is a Medical Doctor, there are times you may want to get a “second opinion.” And some doctors have been known to cut off the wrong leg on occasion. There are colleges and then there are colleges. Trump University was not MIT, and then again, many once great institutions of learning have lost their luster. Many MDs and PhDs have proven their “profession” by their practice; they are healers. But every profession has its quacks. Beware the snake oil salesmen. And don’t worry so much about the Woke College Professor, think about the Christian “professor.” Being a professor of Christ and taking the title of Christian was once a serious business. Baptism was a public declaration to the world that you were buried with Christ in baptism (in His death), and risen with Him (from the grave) to (from this day forward), “walk with Him in newness of life.”  Declaring that you are running for President would not be more silly than declaring that you walk with God when you don’t. The professor must be a possessor or else. The Book of Wisdom calls them Dissemblers.  The archaic word means pretender (Prov26:4). Pretending to be a Doctor is not more serious than pretending to be a Christian. Some rightly deserve the titles they have earned in academic study and the respect they have earned in practice, (we don’t begrudge these titles men have taken), but faith is no fooling matter. The demon said, “Jesus I know, and Paul I know, but who are you?” (Acts. 15:19). And so, as doctors “practice” their “profession” every day, (and hopefully improve) so I must grow in grace and humbly hone the gifts of the Spirit and spiritual skills of healing, to do no harm, to help all in need, to practice what I profess. “To do justly, love mercy and walk humbly with my God.” (Micah 6:8).    -id