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the Ninth in Symphony

The “i” is the smallest of all the letters. It is the “runt of the litter.” Like most in the alphabet, it has great potential, however. It usually gets along and plays well with others. It is most often found bringing consonants closer together and helping others to make sense or to sound good. It is small, but it is not insignificant. Although only one of twenty-six letters, only it along with the “a” can stand on its own. It is the most independent of all the characters. It always becomes larger when it is alone. When it is by itself, perhaps because it is so small, or perhaps because someone was afraid that it would be overlooked, if left in the lower case, it always becomes a capital when separated from others. And while the “i” appears to lose its head when capitalized, and it suddenly becomes larger than other letters, it is only obeying the rules of English grammar. There standing like a Corinthian column when wearing its serif, or like an Egyptian obelisk rising above the average letter while standing erect, it sometimes, (when in script and in flourish), resembles a yacht under full sail, leaning with the wind.
Those who knew the letter “i” when it was just a “yota” in Koine Greek know that the “i” is all ego. Socrates encouraged us to know it, and we know it all too well. It is not found in Good, but it is always found in Evil. That is because it is also found in Sin. And yes, if we look, we can find it in the Bible. There is hope, however. There is also a place for it in faith, but best of all, there is room in Christ as well. That is where I want to be. To do so, I must humble myself and remain so, if I would wish to stay in Him. Therefore may “I” remember that “i” is not the first or the last; it is the ninth. “I” would also do well to remember that it is neither the Alpha or the Omega. In that regard, there is only room for one who is both the beginning and the end. That One alone is called the WORD. May every life and letter bow before Him. Why, you may ask? Because the meaning of life is not found in U or I, which are nothing without the WORD. He alone is the great “I AM,” and “i” and "u" "r" nothing without Him.  -id