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Improving your Lot


ne day we will all have to give an account for the lot which God has given. God has given all of us a lot. God is kind and gracious and gives gifts unto all. Just as Adam was given a plot called Eden, God has given us our measure in life and enough seed to plant and do his good will and pleasure. All things were made by him and for him.  Jesus told the story of servants who sowed the seed and saw the increase, and of the one unfaithful servant who failed and produced nothing. Jesus also said, “for whosoever shall save his life shall lose it, and whosoever shall lose his life for my sake shall find it” (Mat. 16:25).  A believer is a faithful and grateful steward.
Lot (and his servants) should have been grateful just to be related to Abraham. When the cup overflows, the saucer gets the blessing. There was unnecessary strife. When Abraham offered him the opportunity to choose a lot, he chose what he thought was the best for himself. Apart from God, we do not know what is best for ourselves. There is no record of Abraham’s nephew on his knees seeking God’s guidance. Receiving is always better than taking. The lot Lot chose led to Sodom, fire and brimstone, the loss of his wife, and the ruin of his family. How much better to have let Abraham give him, and far better to let God pick the plot; and then let God help him improve his lot. Little is much, when God is in it.  Be faithful, be grateful. Dear Lord, thank you for your grace. Help me to see and accept my place, and with your help, make the most of it.   -id