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the Last Trump


n September 11, 2001 a small group of hijackers used boxcutters (not guns) to commandeer four planes, bring down the symbols of American Pride (the Twin Towers) and fill our streets with fear and foreboding, as we witnessed people leaping from the fiery inferno to their deaths below. Islamic fury also caused America’s armchair generals to flee from a burning Pentagon, forced the President into hiding and Congress to abandon the Capitol and run for their lives. The Islamicists said they saw the United States as a nation of wonton, decedent, infidels.  Instead of soul-searching, America spent Trillions of dollars in a so-called “War on Terror” which ended in chaos, with her hastily abandoning Afghanistan while desperate people were clinging to the last planes to leave Kobel and images of some falling from the skies. Twenty years after 9/11, having learned nothing, but deeper in debt and debauchery, with Pride Parades and Monkey Pox, America waves rainbow flags, and celebrates men in drag. After millions of her children were sacrificed on the altars of abortion, God has sent a diaspora of desperate people as replacements from around the globe into what they had heard was the Promised Land, only to find out it is long gone. Like Sodom and Gomorrah, “Pride, fullness of Bread, and the Abundance of Idleness (Love of Self, Love of Luxury, Love of Leisure, and Lack of God) has destroyed what was once a bright “City set on a Hill” (Ezk.16:49; Mt. 5:14) from within. The Prophets told us it would be so. “The wicked shall be turned into Hell, and all the Nations that forget God." We turned away from God, trampled on Truth, and now may be hearing the Trumpets of God's final call.  -id