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All You Can

Live all you can
Learn all you can
Give all you can
Earn all you can
Love all you can
Laugh all you can
Play all you can
Pray all you can
Sing all you can
Bring all you can

1. Live all you can.  Life is a gift.  Be grateful for every minute. Breathe deeply, slowly.  Hold it in and then slowly let it out while thinking: Life is a gift and life is good.  Thank you Lord.  Living all you can means trying to get the most out of life without being reckless.  Live in the light and power of grace, don’t give up when things look hopeless.  Don’t give up, look up.  The best life, however, is not measured by its length as much as by its depth.

2. Learn all you can. 
God has a lesson built into everything. The Bible says that even the ant can be our teacher.  The littlest thing as well as the largest is a text book.  We can learn from our successes and we can learn more from our failures.  We can learn from our friends and we can learn a lot from our enemies.  Never stop learning.  God made us to learn and discover truth and treasure is everywhere.

3. Give all you can. 
He who gives the most lives the most.  First because giving is god-like.  Giving is good. Give your time, talent, resources, and yourself away. The secret will one day be revealed that giving without hope of getting back now is simply a deposit in the eternal banks of heaven.  Give and it shall be given unto you, pressed down, shaken together and running over.

4. Earn all you can.
  Earning all you can is not the same as getting all you can.  Earning what we have is honest and honorable.  When we have earned all we can we not only have enough, we will have enough to help others.

5. Love all you can.
  God is love.  Love is to appreciate and care about someone or something.  Love is a grace and a power that makes life lovely.  Paul said, If we had everything and did not have love we are “nothing.” God is love.

6. Laugh all you can.
Laughter is the shock absorber that enables us to travel the pot-holed roads of life. Don’t laugh at others.  Don’t laugh at sin.  Learn to laugh at yourself.  Laughter (a merry heart) is like good medicine. Don’t be a cry baby.

7. Play all you can.
  Play the piano if it brings you pleasure or play second base.  Play. One of the gifts of the Spirit is joy and God wants us to enjoy life. 

8. Pray all you can.
  Prayer keeps God in the situation.  Prayer aligns our heart so it can stay on course.  Prayer gives access to God’s wisdom.  Pray in secret and God will reward you openly.

9. Sing all you can.
  God inhabits praise.  We were made to sing.  What we sing about reveals what is in our heart. 

10. Bring all you can.  When we die we take nothing with us.  The only thing we can bring with us to heaven are the souls of men.  Andrew brought his brother Simon to Jesus.  Christ also hath once suffered for sins, the just for unjust, that He might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh but quickened by the Spirit. The ministry of Jesus Christ is the heart and purpose of what every ministry and life should be: to bring someone to God. Bring all you can. -id

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Phil. 4:13