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Against the Law


t used to be said, “You can’t fight City Hall.” Even David would not defeat this modern day Goliath. Today, Goliath has an army of Lawyers, Accountants, and Public Relations operatives imbedded in every committee and courthouse in America. With unlimited resources, and a license to kill, Big Government is as deadly as ever.  What started with the “Stamp Act” in the days of Colonial corruption, to the Quartering Act of 1765 (which turned your house into a Bed and Breakfast for the Red Coats), the Government has always had a very heavy hand. Hidden in the secretive swamp of the government calls “Sources and Methods,” are venomous and ferocious creatures.

  Because men will not obey God’s laws, we have to create a border patrol, send criminals to places like Australia or Riker’s Island, and (addicted to power) lawmakers are making laws (in their own meth labs) day and night. Lady Justice is supposed to be blindfolded. Only a blind person believes that.  Everyone knows the local sheriff never arrests his friends. 

We are witnessing the collapse of Western Civilization if not the Tower of Babel. Donald Trump has unwittingly exposed the depth of corruption in our own government and the exceeding sinfulness of mankind without the God of the Bible. A veritable Tsunami or Sue-nami [sic] of litigation, designed to overwhelm and destroy all obstacles or opposition to a “New World Order” is racing across the planet.

God, who “puts down one, and sets up another,” could have easily changed the outcome of the last election as he could have allowed Ishmael to expire that day in the desert, giving Israel all the oil in the Middle East,  but he chose not to. We reap what we sow, and can expect a sow-nami [sic] in the harvest of the seeds we have planted. The strumpets always follow the trumpets of war, and those who play with matches or porn stars are likely to be burned.

Only a “Sackcloth and Ashes Revival" can save America from the coming “Fire and Brimstone.” Like Joseph in Egypt, there are some good people in government. Having said that, let me say I have already been indicted, convicted, and condemned in a Higher Court than the Court of Public Opinion; but at the Court of Appeals (in a place called Calvary) where I appealed, I found forgiveness, pardon, peace with God, as well as the fruit of the Spirit, "against which there is no law." Gal. 5.23.   -id