Twenty-First Century Hymns


It is His Word, Godís breath
His voice, the voice that Adam heard
One word brings life, another death.
One word can call the light to shine
And one can change the water into wine

And one can summon Lazarus from the tomb
Another dispatch a sinner to his doom.
One day this Word came into our dark earth
One day the Logos knew a babyís birth

One day the incorporeal Word was flesh
To cleanse the air and make life fresh
One day the Word that God had spoken
Was crucified, yet no bone broken

For it was as the Word had said
Christ would die then rise up from dead
His Word is eternal, His Word is life
His Word a fire, a sword, a knife

His Word is Spirit, that fills faithís lung
His life the lyric, that must be sung.


Ingimar DeRidder