Mother Love
Before she held you in her arms, she held you in her heart.
She felt you kick and move around, the first time, with such a ‘start.’
She prayed for you, chose pink or blue, she laughed and also cried.
Sometimes she went through hell for you, in childbirth almost died.
Then at last, she held you fast, and laid you on her breast;
there’s no one who cared more for you, or wished for you the best.
When you were sick, with worried look, she felt your fevered brow.
She made things work, like miracles, to this day you don’t know how.
She somehow mended and made ends meet
prepared your favorite, called you in to eat.
She watched you grow, then let you go-
off to school or war;
waited patiently and prayed for you
‘till you came home through that door.
Thank You, Father, high above. My first glimpse of you
 was in my mother’s love –id







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