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Flying monkeys, Valkyries
a war of words, a war of we’s
A thief thinks everyone is a crook
The Woke see evil where e’er they look
Circling Dr. Seuss are vultures
ravenous vengeful Cancel Cultures
Cat in the Hat never thought about that
nor all the little children who around him sat
Who are no longer simply just boys and girls
but with 64 genders, even a WHO’s head whirls.
And as for Herman who once heard a WHO
Farewell, Au revoir, we bid thee Adieu.
Christopher Columbus! and Old Abe Lincoln,
So sorry you’re Canceled, what were we thinking?
The Asylum’s now open, the insane let loose;
next Canceled, Aborted, will be old Mother Goose. -

Yes, Goodbye Herman who heard a Who
Farewell, Au revoir, we bid thee Adieu
Left minds so little,
and not much Awoke
leave a sad trail behind them
of all the things they have broke
The Left Folk gone bonkers,
Mob's on the loose,
These Woke Folks are now after poor Dr. Seuss.
Like a pack of mad wolves
Like flock of vile vultures,
it's the Cancel Cultures.
only much worse,
as they're driving their hearse
No more Mums and no more Dads,
no more lassies and no more lads.
free speech no longer has a defender
They have canceled all reason,
return to sender -id