“Don’t cry for me Argentina.”  Evita was made into a saint by Argentina. They lifted her up and placed her on a pedestal- no higher- raised her to the heavens.  She was the woman of the hour, she was going to save them.  How silly men are.  How given to idolatry.  They sang her praises and danced in the streets.  Of course, she did not save them.  There is only one Savior, but they were quick to blame her for failing in her salvation work.  She was no saint, but they were willing to overlook her many sins if she would make things better.  Save the poor!  When she did not, they  looked for another savior.  Argentina today is still looking for a savior.  Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Evita captures the passion and folly of all this politics with a magnificent musical score. 

The problem is men are always looking for the next savior within the ranks of Adam’s and Jesse’s sons and daughters.  They will appoint another president, king, hero, or savior for the hour.  Then they will be once again disappointed and bring out their crosses and have a crucifixion.  The song in America in the fifties was “I like Ike.”  Ike is gone.  Some say he was the man for the hour.  Those who disagreed could not wait for the hour to pass.  Kennedy was their Evita.  He would bring us to Camelot.  Well, that all changed in Dallas.  Instead of Camelot, man led us to Cambodia and Vietnam.  So it goes when we look to man.  We run back and forth between Louis XIV and Robespierre stopping occasionally to catch our breath half way, near the guillotine.

The Christian is not looking for men, neither men for the hour, or men for the day to save them.  We look to the Man of Calvary, the Christ of Eternity.  The world is in the middle of their own musical.  If it is not Evita, we are off following some Don Quixote, shaving basin and all.  

Perhaps if the world could just visit the church and see how we do it they will lay down their arms and worship the Prince of Peace.  Perhaps they will see our passion for Christ and our love for one another.  Perhaps they will see how we have discovered that politics is a path that leads nowhere.  Perhaps, if they hear us singing in harmony to the better music of Salvation, perhaps … , perhaps;  well, perhaps not.    Evita is the Spanish for Eve (little Eve). Cain and Able was the first act of a very long play.   Eve’s children are still killing each other.  Jesus’ tears must have been for Argentina as well as for Jerusalem, for America and for the whole world.  “How often I would have gathered thee…., but ye would not” (Matt. 23:37).  Jesus said, “don’t cry for me, cry for yourselves.” 

Oh, daughter’s of Eve, there is only one way back into Paradise.  Jesus also said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  No man cometh unto the Father but by me.”  Pray for America.  Pray for her churches.