In the Presence of  My Enemies

Where are the friends of Israel?  World opinion is turning against Israel once again. The crescent of Islam is encircling the little land of the Hebrew like a scorpionís tail. Anti-Semitism, like a virus that resists all social and religious medicines flares up every century or so. The hatred that nations have for the Jews is a kind of jealousy that cannot be explained apart from the Bible. Few will ever admit to the sin of jealousy for to do so is to admit a lack or to an inferior position. Instead, mankind justifies its feelings with outrage that God might have a favorite among the nations. With an air of righteous indignation the world rejects the idea as the sons of Korah rejected Moses the right to rule. "Wherefore lift ye up yourselves above the congregation of the LORD." (Num. 16:3). If God lifts up a man or a nation many will spend their last ounce of energy trying to make it not so. It is interesting that the sons of Korah sounds very much like the sons of the Koran. Korah and Moses were both offspring of Abraham. From Godís point of view, one spirit was right and the other spirit was wrong. The world does not have the spiritual discernment to see that it is more than a difference about a form of government. It was not about one man rule (Moses), or congregational government (Sons of Korah), it was about Godís choice.

Seldom has the world ever had any sympathy for the Jew. If Israel counted on the currency of world sympathy it would be a nation of blind beggars. To a world filled with Cains (bringing to God bushels of religious beliefs cultivated in their own imaginations) Abel is always a thorn. That Cain still hates Abel should be no surprise to us. Nor should we be perplexed that Esau despises Jacob, or that Ishmael has disdain for Isaac. The world now tries to get Cain and Abel to "be nice" to each other. Good Luck! Spiritual problems cannot be solved with physical solutions. Even Israel does not really see this. Nor will they until they see there is only one Savior. Israel is not a nation of blind beggars, but they are a nation of the blind. Jesus said to Nicodemus long ago, "Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God."  Israel has one Friend. He is mightier than any nation.  One day they will see this Friend.  One day they will see the Friend of sinners, the Savior of the World, the Son of God.