Preaching Church (9)

“Be not afraid, but speak, and hold not thy peace.” God gave the winds a mighty voice in the church. Peter said he “could not help but speak the things he had seen and heard.” The church could not be silent. Its mission was to proclaim the message of salvation.

Preaching is a spiritual exercise. It is something that should not be taken or taken up lightly. Preaching is an affront to the principalities and powers of darkness. An “insurrection” was made against Paul. Real preaching, not only has the potential of awakening the dead, it is as likely to awaken demons of darkness. The evil forces that were directed against Christ will certainly turn on those disciples that speak against them. The church is involved in a spiritual struggle for the souls of men.

In fulfilling its mission to “Preach the Word,” the church must to do more than enlist their best speakers and most eloquent men. It should be pointed out that (in Old Testament times) Aaron was the one who could “speak well,” not Moses.

Aquilla and Pricilla heard Apollos speak. He was an “eloquent man,” and even “mighty in Scriptures.” These are the tools taught and honed in seminary. Unless God endues eloquence with the power of the Holy Spirit, it is something less than what God calls preaching. The baptism of John is not enough to face the forces of darkness and the fires of persecution. They expounded unto him the way of God more perfectly. Just what was missing from his ministry is not clear to us. It may be have been that “Jesus was the Christ.”

Is there something missing from our preaching today? Is there some point, some power, or some Presence absent? The Preaching of the New Testament church had a dramatic impact on those who heard it. Preaching is not just “talking about God.” Preaching is talking “for God.” There is a big difference.